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LATAM moves operations to terminal 2 of the AICM

MEXICO CITY – Latam Airlines Group relocated its operation at the Mexico City International Airport from Terminal 1 to Terminal…

4 December, 2020

Aerospace medicine experts will meet together

30 November, 2020

MEXICO – Specialists from Mexico and the United States will meet virtually to address technical, administrative and legislative issues of…

Rodrigo Vásquez Colmenares resigns as head of the AFAC

26 November, 2020

MEXICO – The Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) announced that Rodrigo Vásquez Colmenares submitted his resignation as head of…

National airlines recover more than 90% of their domestic capacity

26 November, 2020

MEXICO –  Mexican commercial aviation begins to leave the turbulence behind and is heading towards a recovery, in the first…

Mexico, a success story: IATA

26 November, 2020

MEXICO –  Peter Cerdá, regional vice president of the Americas for the International Air Transport Association (IATA), pointed out that…

Volaris enters the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

24 November, 2020

MEXICO – The Mexican low-cost airline Volaris was selected as one of the 62 companies that are part of the…

Morena proposes to strengthen regulation of aerospace activities

24 November, 2020

MEXICO CITY –  Morena, in the Chamber of Deputies, made a law proposal in order to take  space and aerospace…

Aerospace industry in Guanajuato promotes technological development

24 November, 2020

GUANAJUATO – The foundations of the aerospace industry in Guanajuato involve two latent purposes: technological development for this industry and…

Aeroméxico will lay off 1,230 workers

19 November, 2020

MEXICO –  The Southern District Court of New York authorized Grupo Aeroméxico to lay off 1,230 workers, according to two…

Halicop carries out expansion at its production plant in Baja California

18 November, 2020

TIJUANA – The expansion in Tijuana of a plant of the Korean corporate Inzi Display, will generate one hundred new…

Mexico holds meeting for space cooperation in LatAm

17 November, 2020

MEXICO – The minister of Foreign Relations of Mexico, Marcelo Ebrard, chaired a virtual meeting with various authorities from Bolivia,…

A recovery for the Mexican aerospace industry is still far away

17 November, 2020

MEXICO CITY  – The little activity that the airlines have had has impacted the manufacturing of the aerospace sector and…

A third of Mexican pilots could be unemployed

16 November, 2020

MEXICO – As a result of the crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis that the airline industry…

FEMIA and the AEM sign collaboration agreement

13 November, 2020

MEXICO – The Mexican Federation of Aerospace Industries (FEMIA) and the Mexican Space Agency (AEM) signed a collaboration agreement for…

Specialists in the aeronautical sector would migrate to other industries

12 November, 2020

QUERETARO – The impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the aeronautical industry, one of the main manufacturing vocations in…