Queretaro students to develop satellites for NASA

QUERETARO – The Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT), through the Mexican Space Agency (AEM), announced that it will…

28 July, 2022

GE to install new laboratories in Queretaro

28 July, 2022

QUERETARO – General Electric (GE) will install two new laboratories in Queretaro: one for the diagnosis of airplane engines and…

Honeywell’s Quest for Growth in Mexico

27 July, 2022

Cecilio LĂłpez VP of Operations – Honeywell Mexico By Iván Iglesias MEXICONOW.- How would you describe Honeywell’s integration and performance…

Safran to expand operations in Queretaro

25 July, 2022

QUERETARO – The aerospace company Safran will expand its facilities in Queretaro, where it plans to increase its workforce by…

Global Aerospace Industry Would Fully Recover Until 2024

20 July, 2022

By Nancy J. Gonzalez After two years of turmoil, the aviation industry appears to be poised for a decade of…

Arnprior Aerospace expands in Chihuahua

20 July, 2022

LONDON – The governor of Chihuahua, MarĂ­a Eugenia Campos, announced the expansion of the company Arnprior Aerospace, which will generate…

Airbus expands in Queretaro

20 July, 2022

QUERETARO – The State of Queretaro and Airbus Helicopters signed a cooperation agreement to expand Airbus’ industrial activities in Mexico….

RenĂ© Espinosa –  FEMIA President

19 July, 2022

“The Aerospace Industry Is Changing and Brings Opportunities for Mexico to Excel” MEXICONOW Editor’s Interview Read the full interview here 👇…

NASA will support Queretaro universities for the launch of a nanosatellite

14 July, 2022

QUERETARO – The Polytechnic University of Queretaro (UPQ), the Aeronautical University of Queretaro (UNAQ) and the Mexican Space Agency (AEM)…

Mexico’s Aerospace Industry “Cleared to Recover”

12 July, 2022

Large opportunities Glimmer in the Air for the Taking By Sergio L. Ornelas Sr. MEXICONOW Editor For the past 30…

Mexico-India to collaborate in satellite development

11 July, 2022

MEXICO – The Mexican Space Agency (AEM) signed a collaboration agreement with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) to provide…

INTERVIEW: Airbus Plans Growth in Mexico

7 July, 2022

Ricardo Capilla CEO Airbus MĂ©xico By Iván Iglesias MEXICONOW.- What are the pillars of Airbus success in Mexico? Ricardo Capilla.-…

Korea and Mexico to work on space projects

7 July, 2022

MEXICO – Korea and Mexico presented their national capabilities in aerospace technology at a workshop to explore the possibilities of…

HalcĂłn II takes off for the first time in Guanajuato

5 July, 2022

GUANAJUATO – The first official flight of the HalcĂłn II aircraft, a 100% Mexican aircraft built in Guanajuato by Horizontec,…

AEM to promote aerospace development in Southeast Mexico

1 July, 2022

YUCATAN – The Mexican Space Agency (AEM) announced that it will promote aerospace development in the South-Southeast of Mexico, through…