Mexico will need more than 40,000 aerospace engineers by 2035: FEMIA

QUERETARO – According to data from the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (FEMIA), by 2035, the country will require…

22 February, 2024

Querétaro positions itself as an industrial investment epicenter

22 February, 2024

QUERETARO – Querétaro is an epicenter for investment in the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing industries in general in the country,…

Aerospace Suppliers Talks drives innovation in the aerospace industry in Queretaro

21 February, 2024

QUERETARO – The aerospace industry is on the threshold of a new era, marked by innovation, sustainability and supply chain…

Querétaro will seek aerospace investment in Texas

21 February, 2024

QUERETARO – The Secretary of Sustainable Development, Marco Antonio del Prete Tercero, said that in the second week of March,…

Electric transportation system in Quintana Roo is 97% complete

20 February, 2024

QUINTANA ROO – The most recent report from the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT) in Quintana Roo informs…

Delta Mexico Aviation inaugurates A320 simulator

16 February, 2024

MEXICO CITY – Delta Mexico Aviation took a significant step towards the future of aviation training in Mexico with the…

Aguascalientes could replicate Queretaro’s aeronautics industry model

15 February, 2024

AGUASCALIENTES – For Luis Carlos Ibarra Tejeda, president and founder of the Aguascalientes Aerocluster, the aeronautical industry model of Queretaro…

Mexican authorities sign agreement to boost aerospace industry

14 February, 2024

MEXICO – Authorities from Mexico City, the State of Mexico and Hidalgo, as well as executives from the Air Space…

Second runway at Guadalajara’s airport to start operations in May

13 February, 2024

GUADALAJARA, JAL – Next May, the second runway of the Guadalajara International Airport will be in operation and by the…

Airbus to launch second competition to accelerate UAS development in the country

9 February, 2024

MEXICO – Mexican aeronautics industry leaders have partnered once again to launch the second Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) competition, which…

Queretaro’s aerospace industry to accelerate recovery by 2023

9 February, 2024

QUERETARO – After the fall registered by the aerospace industry in 2020, with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2023…

Cargo drones: the new market for the aerospace industry in Chihuahua

8 February, 2024

CHIHUAHUA – In order to remain at the forefront and expand its market, the president of the Aerospace Cluster in…

Mexico’s aerospace industry recovers

7 February, 2024

MEXICO – Estimates by the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (Femia) show that in 2023, it will have totaled…

Aeromexico announces the return of its MAX-9s to the air

26 January, 2024

MEXICO CITY – After 19 days on the ground for overhaul, Grupo Aeromexico received authorization from the Federal Aviation Agency…

Vertical Aerospace secures US$50 million in financing for its eVTOl VX

26 January, 2024

UNITED STATES – Vertical Aerospace announced a US$50 million committed financing from its founder, majority owner and CEO, Stephen Fitzpatrick….