Korea in Mexico

In 1993 Mexico joined the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Forum. Within this framework, Mexico has sought to strengthen its relations…

4 May, 2010


1 April, 2010

Mar – Apr 2010

The Knowledge Report No 44

3 February, 2010

Alberto Chretin

2 February, 2010

Mexican Association of Industrial Parks (AMPIP) PresidentIndustrial Developers Focus on Quality and Environment HOW LARGE IS THE CURRENT MEMBERSHIP OF…

JUDITH MACGREGOR – United Kingdom Ambassador to Mexico

2 February, 2010

Editor’s Interview WHAT IS YOUR PLAN OF ACTION AS AMBASSADOR OF THE UK IN MEXICO? Mexico is a country of…

Statistics Issue 44

2 February, 2010

On Mexico Issue 44

2 February, 2010

Marco Adame Castillo: “What our state and our country require is precisely the commitment and value of businessmen with a…

Jesus Leon Santos – 2008 Goldman Prize Winner

2 February, 2010

The Goldman Prize is the world’s largest prize for environmental activism. Rhonda and Richard Goldman established the award and the…

President Calderon Shuffles Economic Team

2 February, 2010

Carstens and Cordero: Their Duty is to Reactivate the Mexican Economy In 2009 Mexico suffered the repercussions from the global…

Amisa Group – Expanding Their Horizons

2 February, 2010

AMISA Group is the leading Mexican Company specialized in industrial projects including single machinery and/or complete plant installation and relocation,…

Mexico’s Auto Production Starts to Recover

2 February, 2010

Mexican light vehicle production has been rising in recent months and November posted the 5th straight monthly increase. This industry…

O’DONNELL Competitive+

2 February, 2010

Since 1996 O’Donnell – Mexico has excelled as a full service, valueadded industrial real estate developer. O’Donnell’s mission is to…

Hines, Goin Green

2 February, 2010

Since it’s founding in 1957, Hines, a privately owned real estate firm involved in real estate investment, development and property…

Mexico’s Main Industrial Real Estate Markets

2 February, 2010

The following report on Mexico’s main industrial real estate markets was developed solely with information sourced from Colliers International Mexico…

Mexico’s Industrial Real Estate Market 2010 Outlook

2 February, 2010

Cautiously OptimisticMexico’s industrial and distribution real estate market couldn’t be happier to have closed the books for 2009 at long…