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Mexico Manufacturing: Back in the Race Conference, October 9 in El Paso

Industry experts and researchers will meet in El Paso to discuss opportunities and challenges for manufacturers in the U.S. and Mexico at a conference sponsored by the El Paso Branch of the Federal Rese... 01/10/2015

Bosch is seeking for new Mexican suppliers

The German company Bosch will expand its supplier base in Mexico from 20% to 33%, in order to promote special projects for the domestic market, such as reducing pollutants from trucks in Mexico City.01/10/2015

New investments will arrive to Tamaulipas

The Starbucks Company, a family pizzeria and the Omnibus de Mexico bus station will arrive to Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas to generate a greater economic benefit and more jobs, the Mayor Car... 01/10/2015

Maersk Group interested in the port of Veracruz

Maersk Group, through its APM Terminals port operator, shows interest in participating in the bid for the expansion of the port of Veracruz. This will allow the Group to join its operati... 01/10/2015

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