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Toyota lures 200 auto-part manufacturers to the Bajio region

With Toyotas arrival to Guanajuato, 200 automotive supply companies both domestic and foreign, are expected in the region, which will trigger investments of over US$483,000 in three years.

... 20/04/2015
Made in Mexico: the 15 most exported cars

With an export volume of 2,642,887 million units, Mexico was ranked in 2014 as the fourth largest vehicles exporter globally. Vehicles produced in Mexico have reached out of the traditional U.S., Canada and Latin America ... 20/04/2015

Manufacturing employment increases in Mexico

Manufacturing jobs went up 3.1% in February 2015, compared to February 2014, reported the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). Based on the results of the Monthly Survey of Manufacturing Industry (EMIM)... 20/04/2015

Economic Development and Industry Trade Mission to Sonora

An economic development and industry trade mission opportunity is being organized to build greater awareness and connections for local, county, tribal, and business organizations regarding binational ec... 17/04/2015

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