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Clean energy, a great opportunity to invest

The Ministry of Energy projected States investments valued at US$107 billion for the next seven years, to allocate them to wind and solar energy.

... 28/07/2015
Ten companies will invest in electricity sector in Mexico

Electricity demand in Mexico will double by the next decade, and the government will bid for several generation and transmission projects for US$62.27 billion during 2015 and 2029, and c... 28/07/2015

Guanajuato competes to gain Jaguars plant

The City of Leon, Guanajuato, is currently in competition with the states of Puebla, Queretaro and at least one Northern State, aiming to win the Jaguar Land Rovers plant, which would re... 28/07/2015

Investments of US$600 million materialized in Jalisco

Five investment projects from Electronics and Information Technology and Communications (ICT) companies from India took shape in Jalisco, with the leadership of the Western Mexican Council for Foreign Trade (COMC... 27/07/2015

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