19 July, 2011

Statistics Issue 52

19 July, 2011

North West Zone – Issue 52

++heineken++ Heineken invests in starch plant in Mexico Monterrey, Mexico.- Heineken, the multinational brewery, the Mexican firm Capitales Dharma and…

19 July, 2011

Central Zone – Issue 52

++iberdrola++ Iberdrola will build a plant in Mexico Madrid,- Iberdrola, the Spaniard company in the energy sector, informed last Monday…

19 July, 2011

North Central Zone – Issue 52

++hawkerbeechcraft++ Hawker Beechcraft expands in Chihuahua Chihuahua, Chihuahua,- Hawker Beechcraft is currently working on the development of their second plant…

19 July, 2011

North East Zone – Issue 52

++monterrey++ Steel mega-plant being built in Nuevo Leon Nuevo Leon, Monterrey.- The foundations for a gigantic steel plant to meet…

19 July, 2011

South Zone – Issue 52

++carlosavendano++ Biodiesel plant in Chiapas Port will buy product from farmers Cacahoatan Chiapas,- The Biofuel Commission from the State Congress,…

19 July, 2011

On Mexico Issue 52

Bill Boisture: “The key in Hawker Beechcraft’s decision for expansion here is that Chihuahua has a High Technology Training Center…

19 July, 2011

Mexican Trucks Ban in the U.S. Nears Solution

At a joint press conference in March with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, U.S. President Barack Obama announced that “After nearly…

19 July, 2011

CRYSTAL CLEAR, New PBT with Strongly Improved Laser Transparency

Experts agree that polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) cannot, as a rule, be properly laser-welded. BASF researchers have recently disproved this with…

NAPOLITANO: Border Myths Must Be Dispelled

19 July, 2011

By foot, helicopter and horseback, she’s traveled the border for more than 18 years as a public official. Those experiences…

Mexico Workshop Explores Consumer Value Chain Trends for the Coming Decade

19 July, 2011

Recently, the Consumer Goods Forum, along with Capgemini, HP and Microsoft, published the third in a series of Future Value…

Logistics and the Invisibility of the Supply Chain

19 July, 2011

Today’s international businesses are affected by two basic contrasting elements representing the competitive advantages that could enable one country to…

Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index 2011

18 July, 2011

Logistics means the management of the flow of goods and services between the points of origin and consumption. The system…

Bringing Manufacturing Back Home

18 July, 2011

By F. Barry Lawrence, Ph.D. Texas A&M UniversityThe Texas Mexico (TMEX) Trade Corridor Consortium started three years ago due to…

Antonio Ortiz Mena – Mexico’s Economic Expansion Master

18 July, 2011

Antonio Ortiz Mena was born in the City of Parral in the State of Chihuahua (April 16 of 1907), a…

Javier Quintanilla – DIMSA, Shelter Operator CEO

18 July, 2011

What are the reasons why companies contract Dimsa’s services? The efficient design of our shelter and administrative outsourcing services are…

Patricia Vaca – Argentina Ambassador to Mexico

18 July, 2011

What is your plan of action to develop and strengthen the bilateral relationship between Argentina and Mexico? Since the time…

Think Mexico, Think Intermex

15 June, 2011

Mexico keeps being one of the main recipients of foreign industrial investment worldwide, thanks to its closeness to the largest…


1 June, 2011

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