Mexico’s Economy

Aguascalientes strengthens economic relations with Germany

AGUASCALIENTES – The Secretaries of Government (Seggob) and the Secretariat of Economic Development, Science and Technology (Sedecyt) of Aguascalientes received…

4 August, 2023

Nearshoring to mark Mexico’s third great economic moment: Scotiabank

1 August, 2023

MEXICO – The general manager of the Scotiabank Financial Group in Mexico, Adrián Otero, considered that the relocation of value…

Mexico’s economic activity grows by 3.2% in May

25 July, 2023

MEXICO – Mexico’s economic activity increased by 3.2% year-over-year in May, driven in particular by the services sector, reported the…

Mexico ranks 11th in FDI attraction in the world

5 July, 2023

MEXICO – Mexico remained in 11th position among the main recipients of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the world in…

Aguascalientes seeks to expand growth opportunities

20 June, 2023

AGUASCALIENTE – The governor of Aguascalientes, Tere JimĂ©nez, held a meeting with the president of the Canada-United States-Mexico International Chamber…

Czech Republic, interested in investing in Aguascalientes

15 June, 2023

AGUASCALIENTES – In order to strengthen economic and commercial cooperation ties between Aguascalientes and the Czech Republic, Governor Tere JimĂ©nez…

Guanajuato signs trade agreement with Canada and Hong Kong

14 June, 2023

GUANAJUATO – In order to foster collaboration in areas of business development and promote the exchange of goods, COFOCE Guanajuato…

Michoacan seeks to consolidate investments in South Korea

1 June, 2023

SOUTH KOREA – As part of the strategy to take advantage of nearshoring, Michoacán authorities are defining a South Korean…

Mexican economy grows by 1% during 1Q

26 May, 2023

MEXICO – The Mexican economy registered a 1% growth in the first quarter of 2023, compared to the last quarter…

Mexico has investment announcements for US$48 billion

25 May, 2023

MEXICO – The Ministry of Economy detected that the private sector has made, during the current year, 117 investment announcements…

Private investment in SLP grows by 51%

19 May, 2023

SAN LUIS POTOSI – According to the Ministry of Economic Development (SEDECO), private investment in San Luis Potosi grew by…

Mexican economy grew by 0.4% in April: IOAE

18 May, 2023

MEXICO – Mexico’s economy grew by 0.4% in April since the 0.1% decrease observed in March, which represents the best…

Mexico, the country that would benefit the most from nearshoring

26 April, 2023

MEXICO – Mexico is the Latin American country best positioned to benefit from the effects of nearshoring, a trend that…

Christiana Riley is the new head of Santander North America

26 April, 2023

MEXICO – Santander North America will have the first woman to lead the business in Mexico and the United States….

Chihuahua is at the top in labor quality

31 March, 2023

CHIHUAHUA – At the end of 2022, Chihuahua led the nation in labor quality, while Mexico City, the largest economy…