5 December, 2011

Airports in Mexico – 13 Years After Privatization

Every year millions of people visit Mexico’s Airports and the number of visitors is expected to increase rapidly. Major national…

5 December, 2011

The Global Aeronautical Industry

Managing the complexity of the supply chain is the key for success The Global aviation industry has finally reached a…

5 December, 2011

Mexico’s Aerospace Industry Nonstop

Will an aircraft ever make its maiden flight from a factory in Mexico? The global aviation industry is finally in…

5 December, 2011

Chihuahua – The Leader of Industrial Mexico

Chihuahua is the industrial leader of Mexico. The State has a wide variety of industrial clusters under development and is…

5 December, 2011

Sonora – The Most Important Cluster for Aero-Engine Components Manufacturing in Mexico

Engine component manufacturing for aerospace initiated in 1999 for the State of Sonora, Mexico. Since then aerospace activities have been…

5 December, 2011

Monterrey Aerocluster – Professionalizing the Aerospace Industry

Nuevo Leon invites you to share in its economic success. This state has stayed one step ahead by organizing industrial…

5 December, 2011

Canada in Mexico

Canada and Mexico have historic ties that have been somewhat in the deep freeze until things started to change for…

5 December, 2011

Cedric Post – Deputy Director in charge of International Development GIFAS – International affairs

What is GIFAS? GIFAS (Groupement des Industries Françaises de l’Aéronautique et Spatiale) is the French Aerospace Industry Association. It was…

5 December, 2011

Guillermo E. Rishchynski – Canada Ambassador to Mexico

How has the commerce between the members of NAFTA evolved in the past 5 years, more specifically between Mexico and…


2 December, 2011

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Statistics Issue 53

29 September, 2011

The Knowledge Report No 53

29 September, 2011

Mexico’s Industrial Real Estate Market Overview

North East Zone – Issue 53

29 September, 2011

++daimler++ Daimler will increase production in Mexico Monterrey, Mexico.- Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) announced yesterday plans to increase both,…

Central Zone – Issue 53

29 September, 2011

++mazda++ Mazda confirms plant will be built in Mexico Tokyo, Japan.- Mazda Motor Corp. confirmed last Friday their plans to…

South Zone – Issue 53

29 September, 2011

++accel_logistica++ ACCEL Logistica planning to expand operations in Cancun Mexico City.- The Mexican logistics company ACCEL is analyzing the possibility…

On Mexico Issue 53

29 September, 2011

Bruno Ferrari: “Mexico has very good inflation control, which is a global reference now. There are good indicators on productivity…

Business, Civic Leaders Launch Juarez Competitiva Movement

29 September, 2011

Event to Show World Resurgence of Globally-Competitive Region In the pursuit of peace and the hopes of ending the violence…

Thinking ‘Bric?’ – Overseas Data May Not Paint Big Picture

29 September, 2011

We heard it in the last century: “The grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence.” In…

Electronic Manufacturing Services Grow in Mexico

29 September, 2011

Opportunities Exist Including Supply of Components Demand for consumer and industrial electronics, coupled with advanced production capabilities and proximity to…