General Motors with the lowest wages in the industry

GUANAJUATO – General Motors (GM) is one of the vehicle manufacturers that offers the lowest wages in Mexico, according to…

30 September, 2021

Hyundai Motor de Mexico introduces its new Chief Operations Officer

30 September, 2021

MEXICO – Hyundai Motor de Mexico announced that Edgar Carranza, the brand’s current Chief Operations Officer, will assume responsibility and…

Hitachi to invest US$56 million in the State of Mexico

28 September, 2021

STATE OF MEXICO – Alfredo del Mazo Maza, Governor of the State of Mexico, announced that Hitachi will invest US$56…

Honda Pilot 2022 arrives in Mexico

27 September, 2021

MEXICO – Honda de Mexico announced the official arrival of its mid-size SUV, Honda Pilot 2022, to the dealer network…

New companies to start operations in San Luis Potosi

27 September, 2021

SAN LUIS POTOSI – Emilio de Jesus Ramirez Guerrero, Chief Executive Officer of the FTE-CTM, said that in the next…

Delta Tecnic inaugurates plant in Queretaro

24 September, 2021

QUERETARO – Delta Tecnic inaugurates its new plant in Queretaro. The brand, which specializes in the production of color concentrates…

KIA leads in sales in Mexico

23 September, 2021

MEXICO – Korean automaker Kia consolidated its position as the volume brand with the highest cumulative sales growth in August….

Kavak reaches a value of US$8.7 billion

22 September, 2021

MEXICO – The Mexican unicorn Kavak raised a Series E financing round for US$700 million and thus became the second…

KAVAK to invest US$99.8 million in the State of Mexico

17 September, 2021

STATE OF MEXICO – Kavak will invest US$99.8 million in the State of Mexico, which will generate around 200 direct…

Audi Mexico has produced 700,000 units of the Audi Q5

17 September, 2021

PUEBLA – The Audi Mexico plant has produced 700,000 units of the Audi Q5, almost five years after starting operations…

Auto sales fall by 6.7% in Sonora

14 September, 2021

SONORA – New car sales in Hermosillo plummeted by 6.7% in August compared to the same period in 2020, due…

Kawasaki to expand its Monterrey plant

13 September, 2021

MONTERREY – Kawasaki Heavy Industries, announced that it will begin construction of new production facilities at its Mexican subsidiary Kawasaki…

Heineken Mexico bets on electric vehicles

13 September, 2021

MEXICO – The brewery Heineken Mexico is testing 100% electric trucks and utility vehicles and is working with carmakers to…

Nissan to launch new electric car model in Mexico

10 September, 2021

MEXICO – Japanese automaker Nissan will launch its new E-Power electric car model in Mexico in the second half of…

Nissan celebrates 60 years in Mexico

10 September, 2021

MEXICO CITY – Nissan celebrates 60 years of bringing the future to Mexico, and continues to redefine mobility, officially confirming…