Universidad de la Salle Bajío opens LabE³ in Puerto Interior

GUANAJUATO — La Salle Bajío inaugurated the new facilities of its LabE³”, located within Guanajuato Puerto Interior (GPI). This extension…

18 March, 2020

Waltmart invests US$28 million in the State of Mexico

11 March, 2020

STATE OF MEXICO — Walmart de México opened a new distribution center in the State of Mexico, which required an…

DHL to invest US$107 million in Mexico

4 March, 2020

MEXICO— Antonio Arranz, CEO of DHL Mexico announced that for this year they plan to invest US$107 million in Mexico,…

NKP, Japanese Logistics company starts operations in Guanajuato

11 February, 2020

SILAO — The Japanese logistics company NKP México S.A. de C.V., inaugurated its new facilities in Puerto Interior, Silao, Guanajuato….

Fibra Prologis invests US$5 million in Mexico City

6 January, 2020

MEXICO CITY — Fibra Prologis, a real estate investment trust, announced the acquisition of a building for strategic logistic use…

API Altamira invests US$38 million to deepen port

20 December, 2019

ALTAMIRA—The Integral Port Administration (API) informed that it got the authorization from the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP)…

Nuevo León will receive an investment of US$1.8 billion

3 December, 2019

NUEVO LEON – The projects announced in the National Infrastructure Plan will come to boost employment and public works in…

Logistics and distribution center was inaugurated in the State of México

25 November, 2019

STATE OF MEXICO — In order to speed up the delivery of medical devices, Alfredo del Mazo Maza, governor of…

US$5 million will be invested in the airport of Ciudad Juarez

19 September, 2019

CIUDAD JUAREZ – The director of the Centro Norte Airport Group (OMA), Ricardo Enrique Dueñas, announced that at the beginning…

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